Younger visitors

There is lots for children to see and do

We have a stunning selection of exhibits, displays and activities for our younger visitors. Come and see for yourself!
Dressing Up Loco Driver

Dressing up.

  • Engine driver.
  • Fireman.
  • Signalman.
Dress up as a railway worker
Signal Box

Operate the signal box.

  • Learn how signals control the trains.
  • Pull the lever to change the signal.
  • Use the bell to alert the next signalman.
See our Trains set run
Model Railway

Model railway.

  • Model of the Bluebell heritage line 1960.
  • Stepney, Primrose and three coaches.
  • Travel between two of the original stations.
Museum Quizzes


  • Explore the museum with a quiz.
  • Quizzes for older and younger children.
  • Earn a museum badge.
Dress up as a railway worker
Signal Simulator computer game

Signal simulator.

  • Test your signalling skills.
  • Direct the trains.
  • How many can you control safely?
Test your skills as a signal man with this game
Handling table

Handling table.

  • Use the ticket clippers to clip your ticket.
  • Can you make a 'green for go' light?
  • Make friends with Smokey.
Get to grips with some railway objects
Mouse Hunt

Mouse hunt.

  • How many museum mice can you find?
We are going on a Mouse Hunt

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