Welcome to the Bluebell Railway Museum

Our museum is open today between 10:00 and 16:30

You will find us on Platform 2 at Sheffield Park station.

Admission is free to visitors with train or platform tickets.

An extraordinary museum!

The museum is one of the highlights of a visit to the Bluebell Railway. It is a fascinating museum with exhibits to engage and intrigue all visitors from small children upwards. It is situated at Sheffield Park station on Platform 2. (There is no extra charge to visit the museum).

Many of our visitors can remember travelling on steam trains and a few can even recall being evacuated during the Second World War. Our museum is a wonderful place to re-live these memories.

Bluebell Railway Museum Signal Box Levers

Come and operate the signal box.

Bluebell Railway Museum Model of Stepney

Look at our model railway. It shows the first train we ever ran.

London Jack collected money for railway orphaned children

London Jack

Extensive library of railway images

The museum Archive department is responsible for the management of our library of photographs.

This collection, which is of national significance, contains over 12,000 photographs, and is constantly being developed and updated as new material is added.

Copies of any of the images may be purchased in printed or jpeg format.

A selection of some of the images recently added to our Archive of photographs

  • 093205
  • 397
  • 398
  • 399
  • 400
  • 401
  • 402
  • 403
  • 404
  • 405
  • 406
Bluebell Railway Museum Train Leaving Sheffield Park

A steam locomotive leaving Sheffield Park.

Younger Visitors

Come and explore the museum! You are welcome! These are some of the amazing things you can do:

  • dress up as railway staff
  • see the model railway
  • do the museum quiz and win a badge
  • pull the levers in the signal box
  • use real ticket clippers
  • purchase a commemorative ticket from an original machine for 10p

See Younger Visitors' page

Although some hands-on exhibits have had to be temporarily removed, there is still plenty for children to enjoy. For example, they can see some wonderful model locomotives, an amazing paddle steamer and even our old faithful dog, London Jack. And while they are there, they can keep an eye out for the museum mice hiding amongst the exhibits!

Enthusiasts and Research

The Bluebell Railway Museum has one of the finest collections of material recording the history of railways in Southern England. It is regularly visited by railway enthusiasts and researchers from the UK and overseas.

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Bluebell Railway Museum

Your History

Do you have a railway story to tell? If so, you may like to add it to our 'Your History' archive.

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