Museum for the Bluebell Heritage Steam Railway. Perfect for a family day out. Large collection of artefacts to interest both the enthusiast and family visitor.

Welcome to the Bluebell Railway Museum

The Museum is closed today.
We are next open on Saturday 29/02/2020

Admission is free to visitors with train or platform tickets

An extraordinary museum!

A visit to the Bluebell Heritage Steam Railway Museum is an ideal way to begin or end your family day out to the Bluebell Railway.

We have exhibits to engage and intrigue younger visitors and
items and stories to enthral adult guests.

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Bluebell Railway Museum Signal Box Levers

Hands-on: operate the signal box

Bluebell Railway Museum Model of Stepney

Watch "Stepney" and "Primrose" pull carriages between the two original Bluebell stations

Bluebell Railway Museum Train Leaving Sheffield Park

Young Visitors

Exploration of the museum by our young visitors before or after a train ride will help them understand how the railway works. Find out what the signals do; how trains run safely both ways on a single track; what the ticket inspectors and station staff do and much more.

See our Young Visitors' page

Handling Table

Come and see our new handling table. We have released a number of railway objects from their glass cases and put them on a table in the Museum for you to touch and explore.

Bluebell Railway Museum handling table

Senior Visitors

Our more mature visitors often delight in telling their grandchildren of the memories revived by the museum exhibits.

Where they may, without being intrusive, the Museum Stewards love to hear these stories too!
You may add your stories and experiences to our "living history" archive.

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Bluebell Railway Museum items which prompt memories


Bluebell Railway Museum items which prompt memories

Enthusiasts and Research

The Bluebell Railway Museum has one of the finest collections of material recording the history of railways in Southern England. It is regularly visited by railway enthusiasts and researchers from the UK and overseas.

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Bluebell Railway Museum


We have a large museum site located on platform 2 at the Bluebell Heritage Railway station at Sheffield Park in East Sussex.

The museum is open on days when there is a scheduled train service; 75% of the year.

Admission is free to visitors with train or platform tickets.


We host a wide variety of visitors including, families, with and without children, railway enthusiasts, those undertaking research of various kinds, overseas visitors and curious travellers who just drop in while waiting for a train.

We do all we can to make each visit a rewarding experience. To this end the museum is designed to accommodate less able visitors including those in wheel chairs. We have guides written in a range of languages to help our overseas guests. We have areas, exhibits and activities designed to appeal to younger visitors. We usually have two Stewards on duty (three at busy times) who will assist you in any way they can.


Toilet, including disabled, facilities and baby change room are adjacent to the museum.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted in the museum but the large station restaurant is a few steps away on platform 1.

The Museum

The mission of the Bluebell Railway Museum is to tell the story of the beginning and development of the Lewes to East Grinstead railway company and, more generally, of railways in Southeast England.

We have a large collection of documents and artefacts which record and illustrate the history of rail transport in our area.

Our collection is regularly augmented with newly purchased and donated items.

The museum is staffed and cared for by a team of volunteers.


Financial donations are welcomed and all go toward developing the Museum. A donation box can be found near the museum exit door.

We are always grateful for donations of relevant artefacts which augment our collection; these may be left with a museum steward.

Please note that we are no longer able to accommodate items on loan except for short periods when they form part of a special display.


Your comments, stories and suggestions are invited. The visitors' book is near the museum exit. If you have family stories about the railway we are always pleased to receive them and, with your permission, add them to our archive.


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