The Bluebell Railway Museum Website is changing.

The mission of our museum, which is to make all aspects of the Bluebell Railway history accessible to the public, remains unchanged.

Since its inception we have always used the Museum website in support of our mission. Over recent years technological developments in the way websites are designed and built and, more importantly, in the way they are viewed have challenged the accessibility of our site.

Our new design is the start of a project to address the shortcomings. The new version has an improved navigation system and, most importantly, should work properly on all the devices now used by our visitors to access it. So whether you are viewing on the smallest mobile telephone, a large screen television or something in between you should get a clear view.

Will you encounter problems? While we have adopted industry standard development techniques and templates and carried out lots of testing we would be foolish to claim you will not find errors.

If you find anything that does not work, is wrong, is missing or stuff you just do not like please tell us. We welcome your comments and help in making our site as good as it can be. Please send your feedback to

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